With relentless pressure on organisations to deliver results in a very short space of time, often within challenging budget parameters, we provide a dedicated and fully accountable external resource.

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The benefits of working with us – we take the stress

Many clients our personnel have worked with in the past identified some of our attributes – summarised here as follows:

  • Proven track record on previous events and campaigns
  • Understanding of our business (our personnel have worked within the financial services sector for decades)
  • Small dedicated full time team
  • Proprietary interest (we can consider taking the financial risk on annual events for risk adverse industry associations, etc)
  • Business focused
  • Practical solutions and constantly thinking outside the box.

Conference Speaking Opportunities With Us

Following extensive research and consultation with key industry leaders including our client company or industry association, we start inviting our target list of speakers from three up to twelve months before a conference is due to take place.

Working tirelessly to ensure that our conference programmes follow a well planned and logical structure, we continually address the relevant industry’s most pertinent and strategic issues. In consultation with our client companies and/or industry associations, our thoroughly researched conference programmes match the right speakers to the right topics.

Utilising our long established relationships in the marketplace, we can secure the most senior level speakers to participate at all our events. We therefore do not carry out a generic “call for papers” or ask people to submit potential presentations. Instead, we invite executives from key ‘core’ companies within the sector to present case studies or address a key issue affecting the industry.

Do you want to raise your organisation’s profile as a leading advisor or supplier to one of our industry sectors? From time to time, we have a small number of advisory speaking sessions available on our programmes to suit consultants, IT firms, lawyers, accountants etc.

Advisory speaking slots form part of a sponsorship package and are an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your organisation capabilities while communicating key messages and knowledge to our attendees (i.e. your clients and potential clients).

There are a number of sponsorship packages available at every conference and we would welcome any enquiries in relation to these opportunities. If you are interested in speaking in this capacity, please contact us:

As our conference programmes are industry specific and focused on strategic issues etc, they often cover important policy or regulatory initiatives. Speakers are invited to use our events as a platform to communicate key messages, launch new reports, challenge the current Government or regulatory thinking, promote new ideas, etc.

We work closely with a number of Communications teams and PR agencies and are always happy to hear from you. If you wish to propose a speaker and speaking session please contact us:

Conception to Completion

As professional conference organisers, we can deliver on all aspects of your conference needs including delegate services, marketing, sponsorships, speaker engagement, entertainment and all event logistics.

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In consultation with our clients to establish targets and goals, we carefully determine a strategic plan with clearly laid out timelines and KPIs to deliver to completion.

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We utilise digital marketing expertise including SEO, page ranking enhancements, keyword research, strategic website layout planning, links and backlink strategy.

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With relentless pressure on organisations to deliver results in a very short space of time, we provide a dedicated and fully accountable external resource.

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