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Tough Irish budget announced yesterday

But it was tempered with a welcome €500m jobs stimulus plan.  Inevitably, not everyone will see it that way.......   
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Forward planning has never been so critical……

The Treasurers Debate panellists at next month's annual Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers' conference will examine all that is prudent in their treasury operations while sharing practicalities of challenges presented by recent and upcoming regulatory implementations.   Forward planning has never been so critical............... Colm Moriarty - Treasury Markets Manager, ESB Trevor Horan - Treasurer

Leading investors and asset allocators…

Leading investors and asset allocators share the basis on which they make decisions, how these decisions brought them success and explain how they allocate capital to whom and why?   Financial Times’ Editor-in-Chief of Professional Wealth Management, Yuri Bender chaired the recent investor roundtable debate at the Irish Funds Industry Association
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